Solidity, Elegance, Variety: The three pillars of our steel doors.


Immerse yourself in the world of steel, where robustness goes hand in hand with economy.

Our steel doors, with their unwavering strength, offer an economical response without skimping on performance. Each design is a celebration of diversity, with an array of styles designed to capture all eyes and satisfy all tastes.

Experience affordable elegance, where every threshold is a signature of your distinctive taste. Solidity, choice, and accessibility: our doors are the perfect entrance to a home that suits you.


Designed for Quebec’s harsh winters and inspired by the design of European doors, the new High Performance Door System (HFR) responds to the growing demand for eco-responsible consumption. With its reinvented construction, robust design and flexibility of operation, the NHP system is the perfect solution for your new home or renovation projects.


additional insulation

Less air inflitration

More water-resistant


Our steel door ranges are designed with a clean, minimalist frame, ideal for renovation projects and tight spaces.

Perfect for discreet integration, these doors offer a sleek solution without encroaching on your living space.

Whether it’s a small apartment or an update to an existing home, our steel doors adapt to your needs without compromising on style or functionality.




For this pioneering project in Vermont, USA, the client, an energy efficiency professional, placed crucial importance on the performance of the materials used. That’s why it was essential for him to opt for our passivcanada windows. With this in mind, he chose an NHP steel entrance door, a model that combines energy efficiency and aesthetics. This high-performance steel door provides optimal insulation without sacrificing the sturdy, sleek appearance of traditional steel. This installation marks a first in North America for this type of door, positioning the project at the forefront of sustainable construction innovation.


“Good certified doors and windows PassivHaus made in Quebec for any construction or renovation project! Excellent customer service and impeccable after-sales service too! Highly recommended.”


“A great collaboration with NZP for LEED and Passiv Haus projects
It was a pleasure to work with your team!”


“Proactive, friendly team, and great quality products and easy to install! I recommend!”

Let’s start making your projects a reality!

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