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Open the door to tomorrow’s energy efficiency with our PassivCanada doors.

PASSIVCanada -

Explore the future of energy efficiency now with our PassivCanada doors, designed for exceptional thermal insulation. But that’s not all: our doors are also equipped with a multi-point lock for optimal sealing and enhanced security.

Each door is custom-made, offering the possibility of impressive dimensions. Don’t miss this opportunity to combine energy performance, safety, and customization.

Choose PassivCanada for a home that deserves the best.


Our single hinged doors are versatile and can be used as entrance gates as well as garden gates. Their design also allows for generous dimensions, creating an impressive effect as soon as you enter your home.


Our French doors are a great replacement option for sliding doors. Not only do they improve the seal, but they also provide a full opening to take full advantage of the inside and outside of your space.



Opt for the tilt-and-turn option for your garden door, giving you the option to adjust the ventilation to your preference. It is the ideal choice for safe and convenient ventilation.


Our PassivCanada doors offer the versatility of tilt and turn, allowing you to adjust the opening to your preference for optimal ventilation while maintaining the energy efficiency of your interior space.

The perfect combination of functionality and performance.

Imitation Wood: Natural Beauty Without the Maintenance

Discover the perfect illusion with our imitation wood finish at NZP Fenestration.

Our advanced technique captures the warmth and richness of real wood with striking realism — it’s easy to misunderstand.

Enjoy the classic elegance of wood windows, but without the maintenance constraints associated with the natural material.

Enhanced Durability
Our welded uPVC frames offer unmatched strength. Each uPVC and weatherstripping wall merges into a unified structure, eliminating the separation and infiltration hazards often associated with mechanically assembled corners of wood or aluminum windows. This continuity ensures long-term waterproofing and increased durability from the elements.

Aesthetic and Practical Advantages
With our wood-effect windows, you not only benefit from an attractive design but also improved performance. They are weatherproof, do not warp, and do not require repetitive treatments — a huge advantage for any property concerned with aesthetics and ease of maintenance.


Choose innovation with the wood effect of NZP Fenestration: the promise of authentic style and lasting peace of mind. Explore the possibilities and let us transform your space with the perfect harmony of design and functionality.

Multi-point locking

Ensures optimal sealing and safety


Tilt-and-turn function: Offers versatility and easy ventilation.

Large dimensions: Adaptability to large architectural spaces.

High insulating value: Performance up to a U-value of 10.9.

Very low threshold: Facilitates barrier-free accessibility and integration.

Tailor-made: Custom dimensions to fit your project perfectly.


Potton Prairie House

Charm and Sustainability are the words that come to mind when we think of this residence. Nestled in the heart of the magnificent landscapes of the Eastern Townships, this new home embodies the picturesque charm of the region. But it is much more than that.

Built according to passive principles, this residence is an example of energy efficiency and sustainability. It harmoniously combines respect for the environment with the natural beauties that surround it.

Available options

Several choices of glazing adapted to your project, depending on the thermal value and solar gain you are looking for, are available. Our glazing offers exceptional thermal performance, with an R-value of up to R11.
Whether it’s a sleek modern style or a more rustic farmhouse look, we offer a variety of tile and burtan options to suit your tastes and needs. Our diverse selections allow you to customize your space according to the mood you want to create.
We offer an extensive range of colours, whether via our Cool Skai laminated film technology or through custom paint options. These varied choices allow you to adapt the aesthetics of your windows and tiles to your interior décor, for a perfect harmony.
Door sills

Several threshold extensions are available.

Exterior Moulding
We offer a variety of exterior mouldings to suit your project, whether it’s a new construction or renovation project.
Interior Moulding
We offer different choices of interior mouldings to facilitate your gypsum or wood finish.

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“Good certified doors and windows PassivHaus made in Quebec for any construction or renovation project!
Excellent customer service and impeccable after-sales service too!
Highly recommended.”

Tess Richard

“Great service! No project too big or small!”

Marc-André Gauthier

“In conclusion, if you’re looking for premium windows and top-tier service, I wholeheartedly recommend NZP Fenestration. Whether you’re enhancing a cozy home or a bustling business, they’ll elevate your space with their exceptional products and service.”

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