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Our lift-and-slide doors embody the ideal balance between innovative technology and clean aesthetics, offering not only remarkable ease of use but also a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces.



Discover PASSIVCANADA doors, where refined European design is combined with exceptional energy performance, offering an insulated uPVC door solution that combines aesthetics and efficiency.



The steel doors in our range offer an irresistible combination of price, durability and aesthetics. They are perfectly suited for those looking for a compromise between quality and cost. Explore our catalog to discover the wide range of choices available to you!

  • Energy Saving : Thanks to premium insulating materials, our doors effectively regulate the interior temperature, reducing your energy costs. They are distinguished by allowing the integration of insulating glass with an R-value of up to 10.9, a rare feature on the market.
  • Innovative Mechanism : Our lift-and-slide system ensures easy handling by gently lifting the door before sliding it, minimizing friction and wear.
  • Large dimensions : This technology allows us to produce doors of exceptional dimensions, up to 10.5′ in height and 21′ in width with a 2-panel configuration.
  • Enhanced waterproofing : Three weather stripping for optimal protection against wind, rain and outside noise.
  • Panoramic View : Maximize your view and your natural light thanks to large glass surfaces, while maintaining excellent thermal and sound insulation.
  • Accessibility : Recessed threshold option available, facilitating access for people with reduced mobility and providing a clean aesthetic
  • Multi-point lock : Benefit from enhanced security thanks to a multi-point locking system, ensuring a tight and secure closure.
  • Highly Insulating Glazing : Enjoy highly insulating glazing, minimizing heat loss and optimizing interior comfort.
  • Large Dimensions Possible : Our doors can be made in imposing dimensions, thus offering bold architectural possibilities and increased luminosity.
  • Varied Configurations : Choose from a multitude of configurations (single, French, double, with sides) and benefit from tailor-made options to meet your specific needs.
  • Maximum Brightness : With a larger glass surface than standard doors on the market, our doors invite natural light to flood your spaces.
  • Versatile Aesthetics : Although they have a modern look, our doors can also be adapted to evoke a farmhouse style, offering flexibility in design.
  • Enhanced Security : Multi-point locking systems provide increased security, protecting your home from intrusions.
  • Price Saving: Compared to other high-end models, our steel doors are more accessible, making them perfect for those who are budget-conscious but don’t want to sacrifice quality.
  • Variety of Styles : Despite being more affordable, these doors are not limited when it comes to design. With an extensive catalog at their disposal, customers are spoilt for choice, ranging from simple, clean designs to more elaborate patterns.
  • Customization to Your Taste :
    We understand that the front door is a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. That’s why we offer extensive customization options so that every customer can find the door that fits them perfectly. Accessories, colours, handles, portholes – each element is customizable to create an entrance that is as unique as you are.
  • Browse through our extensive catalog and discover the steel door of your dreams. At NZP Fenestration, we are dedicated to providing solutions that combine aesthetics, functionality and added value. Let us help you choose the door that will perfect your home.

The lift-and-slide door

The largest dimensions, up to 21′ in 2 panels.

The passivcanada door

The most insulated and watertight door on the market.

Steel doors

The best value for money.

A quality-driven manufacturing process

The manufacture of PASSIVCanada doors is a meticulous art where every detail counts. Our state-of-the-art facility in Longueuil is at the heart of our commitment to excellence. Every step of our manufacturing process is designed and executed with unparalleled precision to provide you with doors of exceptional quality. Discover how our attention to detail and passion for perfection translates into every PassivCanada door we create.


Passivcanada Door

  • Multi-point locking
  • Glazing with an R-value of 10.9
  • Custom-made dimensions
  • Larger glass area

Steel Door

  • Price savings
  • Ideal for renovations
  • Multiple design options possible
  • Insulation 99% 99%
  • Price 75% 75%
  • Insulation 50% 50%
  • Price 40% 40%

Roselyn Ruben , Economist

“We have built a family triplex that is in the process of being PHIUS and LEED certified. It was important to find triple-glazed windows with high energy efficiency. We also wanted tilt-and-turn windows. We chose to go with NZP’s windows and doors because it was obvious that their product was top quality when we saw and touched them. Our buying experience was very informative and we were very well supported in all the steps of our purchase, even after the sale! ”

Fauteux, André. ''Interview with Fellipe Falluh.'' The House of the 21st Century, Winter 2023: 16-8

“The glazing is the weak point of the envelope. So we opted for a large south-facing Quebec triple glass window in Passive House certified PVC extrusions, assembled by NZP Fenestration. In addition to their superior energy performance, these windows have very nice architectural features. I’m happy with the service from NZP, they are very knowledgeable people. ”

Étienne Hamel

“Proactive, friendly team, and great quality products that are easy to install! I recommend! ”

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