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Experience the freshness of optimal ventilation and the elegance of large dimensions with our tilt-and-turn windows. Innovation meets design to brighten up your space!
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Explore our variety of door styles, designed for grand openings and unparalleled comfort. Open wide the doors to elegance and well-being!

Our PassivCanada windows, proudly Passivhaus certified, take you beyond national standards for energy efficiency. They are not just windows; They are a step forward in terms of sustainability.


Lift-and-slide doors

NZP Lift-and-Slide Doors are the essence of elegance and innovation.
Every detail is carefully designed to impress and endure, adding an unmistakable touch to your home. Their custom adaptability allows for impressive dimensions, such as a 21-foot door in just two panels, creating a dramatic opening.

PassivCanada Doors

Explore the future of energy efficiency now with our PassivCanada doors, designed for exceptional thermal insulation. But that’s not all: our doors are also equipped with a multi-point lock for optimal sealing and enhanced security.


Steel doors

Immerse yourself in the world of steel, where robustness goes hand in hand with economy.

Our steel doors, with their unwavering strength, offer an economical response without skimping on performance. Each design is a celebration of diversity, with an array of styles designed to capture all eyes and satisfy all tastes.

NZP Fenestration

We are proud to serve all of Canada and the United States and to be recognized as a leader in the manufacture of high-end Passivhaus certified tilt-and-turn doors and windows. Our commitment to ecology is reflected in our eco-friendly approach and our choice of high-quality products, inspired by the German Passivhaus concept.

Bring a unique touch of elegance to your home and significantly reduce your ecological footprint with our innovative products.

Our Achievements

Located in Bromont, Maison Saltbox is much more than just a residence, it is a living example of sustainability and innovation. Its design and construction were so exceptional that they were the subject of a five-part web micro-series, broadcast in the fall of 2020 by Écohabitation.


This construction in Eastman is an example of elegant architecture where the windows are perfectly integrated into the corners of the roof. This architectural harmony creates a captivating aesthetic, marrying innovation and design for a unique residential experience.
Photo credit: Raphaël Thibodeau
Contractor: Rocket Construction
Design: L’Abri
Photo credit: Raphaël Thibodeau
Contractor: Renovia
Design: Nicholas Francoeur

Williamsport Road

Potton Prairie House

This Ontario home combines farmhouse charm with modern elegance, thanks to carefully chosen tiling. A perfect fusion of rustic and contemporary. The quest for comfort has been at the heart of this construction, ensuring an exceptional living experience. The common areas are bathed in light thanks to large windows, creating a welcoming atmosphere.
Charm and Sustainability are the words that come to mind when we think of this residence.
Nestled in the heart of the magnificent landscapes of the Eastern Townships, this new home embodies the picturesque charm of the region. But it is much more than that.
Built according to passive principles, this residence is an example of energy efficiency and sustainability. It harmoniously combines respect for the environment with the natural beauties that surround it.
Photo credit: OMEGA Building Group
Contractor: OMEGA Building Group
Contractor: Econovation
Photos and design: Diago

100% Made in Quebec

The company



Since 2013, NZP Fenestration, a family business, has positioned itself as a leader in the manufacture of Passivhaus-certified doors and windows, becoming a reference in North America. Our top-of-the-line factory is located in Longueuil.

Inspired by the German Passivhaus concept, we take an eco-friendly approach and focus on high-quality products. Our mission is simple: to enable a wider audience to benefit from high-performance and durable windows and doors.


Products & Services

We are delighted to offer you free and comprehensive training for the installation of our products, accessible both online and at our premises in Longueuil. This unique offer is complemented by the possibility of being accompanied by one of our experts, ensuring a perfect implementation of your projects.

Also check out our state-of-the-art waterproofing and insulation tapes, which are essential to ensure a perfectly sealed and insulated building envelope. Our SIGA tapes, PassivHaus certified, symbolize our commitment to energy efficiency and superior quality. With VOC-free glue and effective adhesion to almost any surface, these tapes are designed for easy and durable installation. Opt for reliability with our pre-folded tapes, which are tear-resistant unlike traditional paper strips.

At NZP Fenestration, we are committed to providing you with innovative and eco-friendly solutions, ensuring the performance and durability of your fenestration installations. Join us in our quest for excellence in fenestration!

Free Training & Professional Expertise
At NZP Fenestration, we strongly believe in the importance of education and support. That’s why we offer free training on the installation of our products, accessible remotely or directly in our offices in Longueuil. In addition to this, we offer the possibility of benefiting from the support of our experts, thus ensuring that your fenestration projects run smoothly.
SIGA Distributor in Quebec
Discover our range of sealing and insulation tapes, essential to ensure the integrity and durability of your installations. Our tapes, certified by PassivHaus, represent the pinnacle of energy efficiency and environmental protection.
On-site support
We offer personalized on-site support, guaranteeing an expert implementation adapted to your specific fenestration projects.
Ecological awareness
Our commitment to the environment translates into the adoption of sustainable practices and the reduction of environmental impact, affirming our responsibility towards a greener future.

Cathy Davidson Grant

“I just wanted to tell you that we are so impressed with our windows and doors! Everyone around me is talking about them, especially the front door! That’s a world changer for passive house design! Most ppl believe it is wood till I tell them, even right up close feeling the surface. Thank you for all your patience and time with me. We are overjoyed with our choice and we have not even lived in the house yet. I’ll keep you updated!. You were an absolute pleasure to deal with in the middle of a very difficult journey.”

Marc-André Gauthier

“I recently had the pleasure of working with NZP Fenestration for my home renovation project, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I opted for their Passive House windows, given the high acclaim these windows receive for energy efficiency and comfort. They truly lived up to the hype! From the onset, NZP Fenestration showcased their expertise in the premium window domain. The quality of their product is undoubtedly top-notch, and the difference in the comfort level of my home is palpable. What truly set them apart, however, was the unparalleled quality of service I received from their team.”

Isabelle Fortin

“The best windows in my life installed in an energy-efficient renovation process, the temperature of the house is stable no matter the season (in addition to improving the insulation of the house from the outside to improve airtightness). The weather is nice in the house 🥰 and we use less energy 👍, not to mention that the windows are beautiful!”

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